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Welcome to the internet domains internet categories website.  This site is dedicated to accurately defining website content and correctly categorizing the domain using patented algorithms.  Currently we are working on releasing this software to the public.  Below is an in-house application of the algorithm that demonstrates how the general categorization works.

As you can see, many of these internet domains have been categorized based upon the words found in the actual domain name.  Then, others are categorized based on the actual content located on the websites which are categorized below.  Depending upon the require sophistication necessary for the categorization methods needed on your site; there are basically three variations of the algorithm.

This has been a three phased project with the first two phases already complete.  The last phase before implementation on wide-scale systems is due in the following year.  In the meantime, you may address all inquiries regarding this categorization method and the logic behind it to



Categorizing internet domains has become a feat that often requires a little algorithmic assistance.  However, while the domain may be assigned to one category, it is not always the correct one.  One way to control how domain categories are viewed is by controlling the content on the website.

If the website is about food and the domain is non-descript in regards to food, then the content would dictate the ultimate category for the domain.  Other interesting categories which are domain specific have been created to organize domains that are parked or have not been utilized yet.

Those domains often fall under domain categories that are very generic.  Some examples of generic domain descriptive categories would be ‘Single Word’ or Four-Letter Word’.  As you can see, those categories are specifically created to fill a need that was missing as Domains in itself would be too broad.  Thus, these subcategories were created to help people wishing to purchase types of domains or specific names, in actually finding those domain names on the internet.

Recognized Types of Categorization

Internet Categorization is the process in which thoughts, words, files or objects are acknowledged, differentiated and placed into subsets.  Categorization is the method of grouping similar items or ideas into groups to make their handling simpler.

The purpose of categorization is finding the relationship between the items or ideas so that they can be displayed in a manner where their purpose is made readily apparent.  Categorization is highly important in a number of fields of study and methods of interaction.